B-R-E-A-K-I-NG! Delta Police uncover IPOB hoodlums’ camps in Asaba, kill 3 in fierce gun-battle, recover cache of arms, ammunition…we lost 2 of our men, rifles too-CP Ali

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By Emma OBIAMIWE, Senior Investigator Correspondents, Asaba/

THE Delta State Police Command Asaba, has announced that three camps reportedly used by some heavily armed hoodlums hiding under the cloak of the Independent People of Biafra IPOB have been uncovered. Sources said the strange discovery followed a grueling gun battle between the hoodlums and the Police during which 3 members of the gang were gunned down. Reports also say the Police lost two of its gallant officers and their rifles to the blood thirsty armed men said to also be out for Police rifles. According to sources, some of those shot and arrested in their criminal hideout had confessed to Police detectives that they were involved in series of kidnappings in the state adding that they were broke and needed money for sustainability.

*Recovered arms and ammunition from the  hoodlums’ camps…

Commissioner of Police Muhammed Ari Ali in an exclusive chat with CrimeWorld magazine online said revelations had shown that the hoodlums were responsible for the attacks on his men and snatching of their rifles. The camps used by these hoodlums who also double as transit armed robbers according to the Police chief were uncovered along Ugbolu/Illah road by the bank of the river Niger and the Utulu-Asaba expressway. CP Ali has therefore, vowed to track down fleeing members of the syndicate and brings them to justice in no distance time. He said, “If you notice, there had been a slight spike in crime rate for about a week now and this had kept me and my officers and men on our toes. Discrete due diligence led to the discovery of camps used by some IPOB members at the bank of the river Niger along Ugbolu/Illah road. The day my men stormed the camp, they were prepared, ambushed and engaged us in a fierce battle; leading to the fatality of two of my men and the loss of their rifles; but not without having gunned down 3 of their men and arrested others with bullet wounds. During the exchange of gun fire, these people were able to take their dead members away from the scene of the battle but their corpses were recovered the following day when we went back there. and deposited at FMC Asaba.  A lot of arms and ammunition, military camouflages, pepper spray, charms, their banners, cutlasses, daggers and every imaginable dangerous weapon were recovered in these camps.”

*The arms and ammunition , other insignia recovered in their camps…

continuing, the CP added, “What I have discovered, because I was personally there, is that they don’t live in those camps, they go there probably to hold meetings and plan how to attack innocent persons especially, the Police and snatch their rifles. After their meeting, they will cross over the river Niger to Anambra State. I am convinced that these are the syndicates that attacked my Policemen at Warri and Sapele respectively. We also discovered another of their camp along the Ubulu-Okiti/Asaba expressway where we have recovered a lot of arms and ammunition too. I am in talk with His Excellency, Dr. Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa, the Executive Governor of Delta State and my Anambra State counterpart as well as sister agencies to fine-tune modalities on how to jointly tackle this menace both aerially and on land. The assurance I can give is that in no distance time, this syndicate or syndicates would be neutralized. That is my aim and that is what the man who deployed me here wants me to achieve and I will not disappoint him nor the good people of Delta State.”

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