6 die as NAF aircraft crashlands in Abuja

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By ‘Kanmi AKINLADE Investigator Correspondent Northern zone Aircraft accident report,
SIX persons including the pilot of the Nigerian Air Force NAF201 a B350 aircraft which crashlanded shortly after take off from Abuja airport are reportedly dead. The aircraft reports say, departed Abuja at 1033UTC with 6 persons on board including 2 crew. According to eyewitnesses, the “Aircraft reported engine failure at time 1039 and crashed landed on the final approach path of Abuja Runway 22 at time 1048UTC. Fire services are already at the scene of the accident. All 6 persons on board reported dead.’

The aircraft was Mina bound before the crashland. It was not possible to get the reaction of the Airforce Director of information Air Commodore Daramola as of the time of this report with a view to getting full gist of the cradh and names of deceased persons.

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