R-E-V-E-A-L-E-D! Killer Youth Corper was a drug addict, hacked boyfriend to death in deep sleep after sex rump over unfulfilled financial promises-NEIGHBOURS

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*Late Japhet in the pool of his blood after the attack, the killer corper and Japhet while alive…

By Raymond EKPE, South-South Investigator Bureau-chief

AS the bizarre incident of a member of the National Youth Service Corps NYSC Princess Pascaline Odume hacking her boyfriend Japhet Akwaowo to death last week continues to generate diverse opinions, CrimeWorld magazine online can authoritatively report that the suspect was a chronic hard drug user who hacked her estranged lover to death under full influence of hard drug and alcohol.  Discrete investigations conducted revealed that both Princess and Japhet met at a joint along Abak road Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State where they both went to buy wraps of the dried weeds (India hemp) and other psychotropic substance and became friends. Multiple sources informed that both lovebirds soon became common sight in the community and Uyo town as they were always together drinking and socializing. This is however, contrary to an earlier confessional statement to the Police that she went to buy bean cake Akara on the ill-fated day when the deceased beckoned on her to come into his room and attempted to rape her; adding that she killed him in self defence having overpowered him. The Police image maker, Odiko Ogbeche Macdon, had told newsmen that Odume in her statement said, “She admitted killing the young man identified as Japhet Akaowo. She said she went to buy bean cake Akara and saw a man that beckoned to her to come over to him and she went to meet him; they got talking and she found herself in his room. She said she waited for him to come back only to come out with a knife and threatened to kill her and no one would know she does not remove her dress so they could have sex. According to her, she said basically that she overpowered him and hacked him to death.”

But eye witnesses who had known both Pascaline and Japhet said the duo were lovers. Godwin Ita, an Okada rider was more of an errand boy to Pascaline who buys her hard drugs before she ran into Japhet. He has this to say:   “Princess always sends me to buy her Ikong-ekpo (cannabis) since I got to know her as a corper; but after sometime, she no longer sends me. Later I started seeing her and one Japhet, a popular guy in the area and I know that Japhet smokes Ikong-ekpo so I was not surprise. They go to the joint together to smoke and sometimes buy home to smoke together. But for me to hear that she claimed not to know Japhet is bad; that means she is lying against a dead man.” Another witness, a neighbour simply identified as Mma Efiong (not real name) who probably knew nearly everything that transpired between Pascaline and the murdered boyfriend advised both men and women especially, the youths to be wary about their choice of spouse adding that most are wolves in sheep’s clothing. She spoke in Pidgin English saying, “Please before any of you youth chose boyfriend and girlfriend, ask God for direction. Most of you youths are not well brought up. How can a young woman trained by her parents with all the financial sacrifices up to University level be smoking Ikong-ekpo (India Hemp) like say na food? You go to joints where there are bad, bad people? God forbids.”

*Princess in her uniform and mufti before the attack…

Continuing, she said, “I know that my sister (Pascaline) very well, she be Apkarawa (Mr.) Japhet girlfriend. They way the two of them waka (moved together), person will think that they be husband and wife. Japhet no be bad boy but him stubborn well, well. So when I started to see him and my sister youth corper every time, I happy for am.  Them two used to sleep together but that day, I may not know what happened for inside Japhet room, but I remember seeing them walked inside together. Later we heard argument and loud voice concerning money or no money, then small time, the shout come go down. After sometime, some people raised alarm that somebody was about to climb and jump over a fence with blood stain on her dress, started to beat her and even tear her cloth to pieces to the extent that they naked her, so I ran and gave her wrapper to cover her body before the Police came in. I tried to ask her what happened but she was just crying. People rushed out that she cut her boyfriend in the face severally and that, that one don die that is why she was escaping before the boys catch her. From the way she cut Japhet even though I am no there, it seems to me that he was sleeping after their arguments and she later took a cutlass and cut him plenty times and tried to run away.”

Asked if she could volunteer this vital information to the Police to assist in unraveling the remote and immediate cause of Pascaline’s action, Mma Efiong declined on the ground that she was not ready to be used as principal witness in court; stressing, “Noooo, how can? I am not ready for such. Go to the Police, Nigeria Police? They will turn everything upon my head; count me out please, my brother.”

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