The task before new CP Mohammed ‘pugilist’ Ali of Delta State (Special focus)

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By Albert UBA

FOR the tot outside the Police circle, the mention of Mohammed Ali sends a flash cue of the popular late world renowned boxer, Mohammed Ali; noted for his jerk-stops and maneuverings in the ring of boxing. But beyond the nametag, lies the difference between the duo. While the former earns a living by ensuring the safety of lives and properties of others through the detection and prevention of crimes, the latter was a celebrated pugilist.

Whereas, the recent gale of promotions that swept through the Nigeria Police Force which witnessed the elevation of Mohammed Ali to the rank of a Commissioner of Police and his subsequent deployment to the Delta State Police Command was received with applauses and joyousness by his numerous admirers, nonetheless, the man at the center of the stage requires a huge circumspection as he settles down for the task of policing a command proper. And whereas, CP M.A. Ali is far from being a virgin in the maternity ward, having traversed the entire length and breadth of policing in Nigeria, Delta State however, presents peculiar security challenges. An oil and agricultural producing state located in region of the South-South geo-political zone with a population of about 5 million made up of the Urhobo, Ijaw, Isoko, Ukwani, Itsekiri, Igbo, Ika, Olukumi people with other negligible groups of settlers; including the Hausa and Idoma, an estimated land area of 16,842 square kilometers and a cover landmass of 18,050 square kilometers of which 60 per cent is land and the rest creeks and streams; forming part of the River Niger Delta, the state no doubt, needs a Commissioner of Police like CP M.A. Ali with ample knowledge of its topography to man. Aside this, Delta State is bounded in the north and west by Edo State, east by Anambra, Imo and Rivers States, south-east by Bayelsa State and on the Southern extreme is the Bight of Benin; covering about 160 kilometers of the state’s coastline. Referencing the above variables and the avowal of CP MA Ali to institutionalize lasting peace in Delta State especially, wrestling the state from the firm grip and senseless bloodletting of bandits and Fulani herdsmen; no doubt, requires a formidable force, dedicated and purposeful officers and men and an intellectually sound public relations officer to re-write the narrative. Perhaps an added lead that would place the new Commissioner of Police at a vantage prism is his full knowledge of almost the entire hemisphere of Delta State where he started his Policing career upon his graduation from the Kaduna Police Academy on March 3, 1990. He was at various times, Officer in Charge O/C General Investigation, SCIID Asaba, DPO Avenue Police Station Warri, DPO ‘B’ Division, Asaba, DPO Head Bridge, Asaba, Staff Officer Junior, Asaba and DPO Agbor. At the risk of adulation, CP MA Ali could well go for a perfect definition of the quill and gun; an admixture of a cerebral officer and gentleman. A holder of Bachelor of Science Degree in Library/Political Science from University of Maiduguri, Master’s of Science Degree in Industrial Relations from Delta State University and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Industrial Relations from Irish University Business School, Penbroke Square, UK, CP Ali is no less a thorough bred professional Police officer who is expected to bring his intellectualism and detribalized mien to bear in his operational prowess in the oil rich Delta state.

His sterling and unrivalled exploits in policing activities in various capacities in Lagos, the nucleus of socio-economic activities in Africa as DPO, Area Commander and Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of Operations DCOMPOL Ops under three Commissioners of Police prior to his recent deployment as CP Delta State, unarguably cloaks the new number one Police officer in the state in a result- oriented opaque operational armour. He is therefore, expected to beam his searchlight on hot spots like the Onicha-Ugbo/Ubulu-Uku road, Isele-Uku/Ubulu-Uku road, Ogwushi-Uku Okpanam link road, Awai/Illah/Ebu road, the notorious Agbor/Warri road, that has become death knell and of course, the Effru/Warri link road leading to Ughelli towards the various rivulets. Besides his operational competence comes native intelligence too. CP MA Ali, a Northerner is expected to be neutral in handling the glaring endemic feud and animosity between the Hausa and the aborigines arising from claims of destruction of farm produces and counter-claims of cattle rsutling; hold periodic meetings with his kinsmen who had long lived in the state and the natives with a view to ushering a new vista of togetherness and put a full final stop to the perennial herdsmen/farmers clashes. Needless to add here that, this drop of ink from the quill may bring the needed milk of harmony and serenity the state deserves.

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