Shoprite staff suicide: Why we won’t probe death-POLICE

By Mary BASSEY, Senior Investigator Correspondent, Lagos/

POLICE in Akure, the Ondo State Command have said that they would not investigate the circumstances that led to the suicide of one of the staff of Shoprite mall, identified as Jumoke Kehinde. This revelation is coming against the backdrop of speculation by friends and colleagues of the deceased that management of the multi-national departmental store would be held accountable for the untimely death of Jumoke who they say did not show any sign of ill-health save for the suspension letter issued her for reporting late for duty that ill-fated day. The Police public relations officer, Tee-Leo Okoro in a telephone conversation with CrimeWorld said there was nothing to investigation since there was no suicide note indicting anybody for her action. ““Suicide is not a crime because the person took his or her life. It is becomes a crime when there is suspicion and I am certain that the deceased person’s parents are not bothered about that. However, they told the Police what happened but there is nothing they can do more than that and have taken the death of their daughter in their strides and I am sure they have buried her according to their rites. There was not suicide note, no trace of anybody harassing the girl to do that for whatever reason, only her that can tell God over there why she took her life. We are not doing anything because the parents of the girl are not suspecting any foul play; it is only when there is element of suspicion that the Police can come in but as it is with the case, there is nothing we can do,” he said.

Jumoke Kehinde has reportedly committed suicide after being suspended for reporting late to work on new year eve at her apartment apartment in the Kajola area along Oda-road, Akure. A co-staff to the deceased at Shoprite who pleaded anonymity said late Kehinde reported late for work and was ordered suspended. According to the staff, “It is normal that anyone who comes late should wait outside before they are allowed in and be given a suspension; adding, “She was seen arranging her table getting ready for the day’s sales as she looked happy but later left the mall at about 11 am after receiving the suspension letter. At about 4 pm, a distress call was received in the office that she was not feeling fine. One of the management staff went to check on her and found her on the floor shaking while her body was oozing with odour of the poison she took. Although, no empty can was found anywhere as she was rushed to the hospital. After some time at the hospital, she was declared dead. Corroborating her colleague’s testimony, one of her relatives who did not want her names in print the late Jumoke did not show any sign of depression prior to her death stressing, All we heard was that she was given a suspension letter for coming late that day. She was told to go home. After then she went back home. We all know that when you report late to duty, you will be given a suspension for a few days without payment. I don’t see any reason why such an issue would cause her to kill herself by committing suicide.”

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