Court remands reckless BRT driver in prison custody for crushing 3 commuters dead in Lagos

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By Robert AKPAN, Senior Investigator Reporter, Lagos/

THE recklessness of BRT drivers across Lagos metropolis was again, brought to the fore recently after one such uncouth drivers identified as Bohan Abiodun in charge of a bus marked 0102178, heartlessly crushed three hapless commuters to death in the state. Sources said the sad incident happened along Lagos/Abeokuta expressway last week adding that the deceased persons had yet to be identified as they had nothing on them to reveal their identity. They have therefore, been deposited at the public morgue for autopsy. According to sources, the killer driver was promptly arrested by Police operatives attached to Oke-Odo Division after the deliberate vile against humanity and taken into custody for interrogation.  During interrogation, the 48-year old father of 6 said to hail from Badagry area of the state blamed brake failure for the accident even as eye witness punctured his claims saying he recklessly drove into the buffer zone of the BRT lane; crushing those pedestrians who were negotiating crossing the road to the either side. Convinced that it was a deliberate act, the Police subsequently arraigned him at the Ogba Chief Magistrate court before Magistrate Mrs. B.O. Osunsanmi on a two count charge of multiple murders.  Prosecuting Police officer, ASP Ezekiel Ayorinde who asked the court to disregard the accused person’s plea of ‘not guilty’ prayed the court to send the file to the Directorate of Public Prosecution DPP for further advice on the matter. The accused was therefore, ordered to be remanded in Kirikiri correctional center pending the outcome of the advice from DPP. But since the Correctional Centers had yet to open fully for operation following the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic, the accused was asked to remain in Police custody for the meantime.

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