INCREDIBLE! US 2020: Trump not unlikely to be re-elected, says TB Joshua

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By Alex OLISE, Investigator Reporter, Làgos/

WITH air of uncertainty still pervading the possible outcome of the ongoing US election, Nigeria’s Prophet of God and founder of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations  SCOAN, Prophet TB Joshua has said that he could not see any change in the status quo ante in the leadership of the country. The world acclaimed prophet who had yet to speak wide off the mark on any situation as this however, was quick to add that there could be a slight resistance in the outcome of the elections adding, “nothing will change.”

Speaking on Sunday November 1, 2020, in his Emmanuel TV viewed globally, the man of God intoned; “What is happening in the American election is as a result of the power in the tongue. The word we speak determines the life we enjoy (Proverbs 6:2). The tongue can either work for us or against us – death and life lie in the tongue (Proverbs 18:21). We Christians would have loved it to go the way we wanted. But the Bible says it is never proper to base our faith on our improvement after prayer. We should not worry. The joy is that the new Supreme Court Judge, Amy Coney Barrett, will be an instrument of check. Finally, let us learn how to believe that God hears us when we pray – it is a much greater blessing. There is likely going to be pockets of resistance here and there but nothing will change. Let me reserve what I am seeing until the inauguration of the new president.”

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