Allegation of N41m fraud against DCP Kyari, malicious, laughable —LAWYER

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By Robert AKPAN, Senior Investigator Reporter, Lagos/

LEGAL counsel to world-acclaimed crime buster extra-ordinaire DCP Abba Kayri, barrister Hamza Nuhu has raised the alarm of a calculated attempt by some traducers and undesirable elements in the country to smear the sterling records of his client. The legal practitioner was responding to an alleged fictitious petition of a whopping N41 million fraud against DCP Kyari by a suspected fraudster, Afeez Mojeed submitted to the ongoing judicial panel constituted by the Lagos State government on the professional misconduct of some Police personnel attached to the defunct SARS Ikeja that spewed the #EndSARS protest nationwide. Azeez Mojeed had averred in his petitioner that he was a businessman and had business dealing with an unnamed partner adding that the deal somehow went awry leading to a complaint at the Ikeja office of SARS while Abba Kyari held sway as the officer in charge. He explained further that Kyari’s men extorted the some of N41million from him in addition to seizing his car and documents of his landed property in the course of investigation. But describing the allegation as mendacious and a frantic attempt to discredit the highflying awarding wining and respected senior Police officer, Mr. Hamza Nuhu said suspect Afeez Mojeed was not smart enough to tell intelligent lies. He enjoined members of public especially, the teeming fans of Abba Kyari who had followed his inimitable achievement over time not to waver or be dismayed by the campaign of calumny vide fraud allegation against from a “proven fraudster.”     According to barrister Nuhu, “Fraudster Afeez Mojeed defrauded a victim of N94million, he was arrested based on a petition about 6 years ago and during investigation, a total of N41million was recovered from the proceeds of the crime which he voluntarily paid to the victim (owner of the money) back directly through the victim’s bank account. He even confessed on video and in writing voluntarily that he bought a Honda Accord 2008 model car and N7million worth of landed property from the said N94million he defrauded and that he had squandered the remaining N31million on lodging in hotels and sleeping around with girlfriends. He submitted the car and land’s documents which was registered as exhibit before he was charged to court but after some years, he was discharged but not acquitted from court because the complainant was not coming to court as most Nigerians do. The land document and the car that were registered as exhibit are still kept with the exhibit keeper in Lagos as we speak.”

Continuing, the legal practitioner added, “The criminal will have to be re-arrested and charged to court again as he was not acquitted by the court because the complainant who is now in the country has assured the Police that he was ready to pursue his case to a logical conclusion with a view to getting back his balance of N31 million;” stressing further, “We are surprised the fraudster is mentioning Abba Kyari’s name as if he gave him one kobo. He has not given him one kobo and it’s on record that the respected officer has never collected money from any of his suspects despite the thousands of cases he had handled all these years. He wouldn’t have been who he is today if he is a cheap and corrupt officer. It is all pure lies from a criminal that was charged to court but bribed his way out. We want to let him know that giving false information is still an offense in Nigeria for which one can be charged to Court.  It is sad that with just N50,000 naira in our present day Nigeria, a lawyer can write petition for you based on any false allegation you make without recourse to finding the substance of the matter and immediately leak it out to the media; especially, if the person indicted is a known name. But we can assure you that legal actions will be taken because criminals like this cannot try such and go free. If it’s true that somebody ate his N41million what is he doing throughout the last 6 years, why didn’t he go to the ICPC, EFCC or the Court? Some Human Rights Lawyers have declared on their own that they will sue the fraudster for defamation of character this Friday.”

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