Disquiet as causalities in Gov. Zulum’s Boko Haram attack hits 30

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By Mary BASSEY, Senior Investigator Reporter, with Agency Report

A palpable admixture of air of fear and apprehension have pervaded Maiduguri, the Borno State capital as the death toll from Boko Haram attack on the convoy of the State Governor, Babagana Zulum, Friday, has hit 30. Multiple security sources had told AFP Saturday the number of fatalities from the attack had doubled following the discovery of additional corpses in the bush which included 12 policemen, 5 soldiers, 9 civilians and 4 members of a government-backed militia. Said a sources: “The tally has increased to 30 as many bodies were picked in the surrounding areas after the attack,” one of the sources said, adding that “many people were injured”.
Earlier report had it that the ambush on the convoy of the State Governor between Monguno and Baga had left about 15 persons dead, adding that the attack which is the second in recent time left mainly security personnel including 8 Policemen, 3 soldiers and 4 operatives of the Civilian Joint Task Force CJTF dead. One of the security sources at the Government House, Maiduguri whispered to our correspondent that Governor Zulum was in Baga to prepare for the planned return of Internally Displaced Persons IDP from Maiduguri to the camps in Baga adding that he was armed with a retinue of armed soldiers, Police officers and Civilian-JTF personnel before running an ambush of a much more armed bloodthirsty Boko Haram insurgents who rained volleys of bullets into the convoy.

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