State of Police barracks shameful says PTF Chair, Abba…assures urgent turnaround

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By Mary BASSEY, Senior Investigator Reporter, Lagos/

THE decrepit state of the Nigeria Police Barracks across the country especially, those in Lagos has been described as shameful and sad by the visiting Chairman of the newly resuscitated Police Trust Fund PTF, Mr. Suleiman Abba. A visibly worried former IGP who visited Ijeh barracks on Lagos Island, Police College and MOPOL 22 barracks all in Ikeja in the heart of Lagos wished he could immediately pull down the buildings and replace them with the state of the art ones if he had where to relocate the residents. He however, assured that he would do everything within his capacity as the head of PTF to ensure that dilapidated buildings in the barracks were pulled down and modern buildings devoid of leaking roofs erected in no distance time.  A statement obtained by CrimeWorld quoted the retired IGP as saying, “What I’m seeing today is a dilapidated barracks…if not that I don’t have where to put them today, I would have relocated them (Policemen), knocking down one, two and rebuild them (barracks) to a human habitable status. How can Policemen live in a barracks that lack water, live in buildings with leaking roofs in almost all the barracks? But I can assure you that what we shall do very quickly is to renovate the barracks that are still good to a human habitable status, with the provision of modern toilets, flowing water, safe roofs where water will no longer leak into rooms, safe electricity…that’s what a policeman deserves.”

*Ex- IGP Abba with CP Odumosu & others during the inspection of Police barracks…

The rather hope rising assurance from the erstwhile Inspector General of Police was highly applauded by residents of the visited barracks who pray for him to match words with action. In the entourage of the ex-IGP were the Commissioner of Police, Lagos State, CP. Hakeem Odumosu, Commissioner of Police in charge of Works, Department of Logistics and Supply; CP. Aliyu Abubakar, Area Commander, Area ‘A’ Lion Building; ACP. Bode Ojajuni and a host of others.

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