Man who assaulted woman Police officer in viral video, dismissed mentally ill soldier—-POLICE

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By Robert AKPAN, Senior Investigator Reporter, Lagos.

A middle-age man who was seen flogging a woman Police officer controlling traffic somewhere in Lagos has been arrested.  Sources said the man who identified himself as Yemi Ayeni told the Police after his arrest that he was dismissed from the Nigerian Army on mental ground saying that he felt slighted by the action of the Police woman who after seeing him a military camouflage seated  at the front seat of the commercial vehicle. The Lagos State Police Command through its spokesperson, SP Bala Elkana in a statement made available to CrimeWorld  said the suspect would be arraigned as soon as investigations were over adding that the assaulted Police officer was in a medical facility  receiving treatment.  SP Elkana  said, “On 09/08/2020 at about 1730 hours, Ilemba Hausa Police Station received a distress call that a female Police Officer, Inspector Martina Onyeacho on traffic control at Shibiri bus stop, Ilemba Hausa is in distress. A patrol team was promptly deployed to the scene to rescue her. Her assailant, Yemi Ayeni, male, 32 years old was arrested while the Police woman was quickly taken to Hospital for treatment. She sustained various degrees of injuries from punches and beating she received from the suspect.

According to eye witnesses’ account, the suspect who presented himself as a soldier was a passenger in a commercial bus that obstructed traffic flow on the busy road, waiting for passengers. The suspect was angered by the order issued by the traffic Police woman to the driver to move his vehicle away from the main road to pave way for free flow of traffic. He claimed that the police woman did not accord him the respect he deserves as a soldier seated in the front of the bus. That she is wrong to have challenged the driver while he is there. He followed up with physical assault on her, beating her with sticks, Punching and kicking her.  During questioning, the suspect stated that he spent four months in Nigerian Army Depot, Zaria in 2002 but was dismissed from training on mental health grounds and since then, he has been posing as a soldier. He has a wife and a daughter who left him six months ago. Investigation is ongoing. The suspect will soon be changed to Court”

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