3 dead, two injured as explosion rocks Lagos community

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By Robert AKPAN, Senior Investigator Reporter, Lagos.

THREE persons whose identities had yet to be ascertained were reportedly blown into shreds yesterday in late evening explosion that occurred somewhere in Ajao estate Lagos. Two others who cheated death by the teeth but sustained varying degrees of injuring were presently recuperating in a nearby medical facility. The cause of the explosion which sent panic in the area and environs was not immediately known CrimeWorld scooped that it occurred in the workshop of a Panel beater adding, “A terrible explosion arising from a Panel beater’s gas occurred at about 19.00hour in an artisan occupied community on Palm Groove Estate Ajao Estate. The incident led to the death of 3 persons while 2 were seriously injured. The deceased persons have been deposited in the morgue while the injured are in hospital. About 7 shops were touched by the explosion which occurred while the yet to be identified technician was struggling to maneuver a sudden upsurge of flame from his carbide’s cylinder while he was wielding.”

It was not possible to get the reaction of the Lagos State Police PRO, SP Bala Elkana but a source close to his office said Police officers from Ajao Estate Division race to the scene after the explosion and had cordoned off the entire area

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