2 teachers remanded in prison custody over rape of 2 students

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By Robert AKPAN, Senior Investigator Reporter, Lagos.

TWO Secondary school teachers, Messrs Olaofe Ayodele and Gbenga Ajibola have been dragged before an Ado-Ekiti Magistrates’ Court sitting before Chief Magistrate Adesoji Adegboye on Wednesday, March 4, 2020 for allegedly having forceful canal knowledge of two of their students.  The defendants had been remanded in Correctional Center pending legal advice. The defendants had been arraigned on Feb. 28 and the court ordered that they be remanded in police facility, and adjourned the case for ruling on bail till March 4. But on resumption of trial, the Chief Magistrate, Mr Adesoji Adegboye, ordered that the defendants be remanded in Ado-Ekiti Correctional Centre and adjourned the case until March 9 for mention. The first defendant, Ayodele, 50, was alleged to have defiled his 15-year-old student, while the second defendant, Ajibola, 40, was alleged of defiled his 17-year-old student. The Prosecutor, Insp. Johnson Okunade, had asked the court for adjournment to enable the police to sent a duplicate of the case file to the state Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for legal advice. Counsel to the defendants, Mr. Busuyi Ayorinde, applied for the bail of the defendants, but the court refused.

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