Game up for suspected armed robber who robs Ajao Estate residents, motorists with toy-gun

By Mary BASSEY, Senior Staff Investigator Reporter, Lagos.

A suspected armed robber whose stock in trade had been to terrify and dispossess residents and Motorists in Ajao Estate area of Lagos metropolis has landed in Police snare. Sources said the suspect who identified himself as Patrick Richard was arrested by detectives attached to Ajao Estate Divisional Headquarters while attempting to rob one Sylvia Amanda of her valuables. CrimeWorld scooped that the suspect had earlier dispossessed a few other commuters along the Eleganza plaza adding that luck ran against him after he pointed his toy gun at the victim who out of fright raised an alarm which the attracted of a motorist who promptly put a call to the Divisional Police Officer, CSP Abdul Adejo. It was gathered that CSP Adejo quickly mobilized his men and they raced to the scene of crime and got the suspect arrested before he could flee the area. His toy-gun was recovered from him while he was said to have been transferred to the ‘Area D’ Command for further interrogation.

Effort to get the reaction of the Police public relations officer, CSP Chike Oti was not successful as of the time of filing this report but a source close to his office who confirmed the arrest said the incident happened on June 13, 2018. According to the source, “At about 0800hrs on 13/06/2018, based on distress call that a robbery was taking place at No 74 Eleganza Plaza Ajao Estate, a team of Policemen from the Division led by CSP Abdul Adejo raced to the scene and with the combined efforts of the team and concerned citizen, one Patrick Richard aged 30 years was arrested while attempting to dispose one Sylvia Amanda of her belongings. One black toy gun was recovered from him.

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