Police investigate death of mother of 4 in 60 yr-old lover’s house in Lagos…arrest lover, 3 others

By Mary BASSEY, Staff Investigator.


POLICE detectives attached to the SCIID Panti Lagos have begun investigation into the death of a 45 year-old mother of four identified as Madam Joy Vincent allegedly in the house of her 60 year-old man friend. The incident took place Imuda, Ajangbandi area of the state.  Sources said both Joy and Stephen Uwa had been going out shortly after the death of her husband adding that none of her children or relatives knew his address. It was gather that the mother of 4 had as usual gone to spend some time with her lover bird last Sunday but complained of slight stomach ache on Thursday morning following which she was brought home. CrimeWorld scooped that when Stephen Uwa who was assisted by a man and two women who are currently in Police custody got to  Oshoja Arigba street when Joy lived with her children in a one room apartment, there was no one at home to attend to them. A neighbor who reportedly sells across the building was said to have assisted them in calling one of Joy’s children Ikechukwu who school was a stone throw from their house who brought the key to their house following which her mother was taken into the house and laid on the bed. Ikechukwu was said to have been asked to go call his aunt, a younger sister to Mrs. Joy Vincent who lives on Alafia street , one Mrs. Esther Okereke so as she could attend to her sick sister adding that before Ikechukwu could come back, both Stephen Uwa and others had disappeared into thin air. It was Mrs. Esther Okereke who discovered that her aunt had died and suspected foul play that incidented the matter at the Ilemba Division following which a manhunt against Uwa was launched. He was arrested two days after. But in his confessional statement to the Police, Mr. Uwa claimed that his lover was alive but unconscious when he brought her home adding that he had no knowledge of the cause of her death. “She was my woman friend for some time now and she always comes to spend weekend with me. She came to my house on Sunday on Thursday, she complained that she had stomach ache. I got her some drugs and she said I should take her home which I did. When we got to her house she was still ok but unconscious; I was shocked to learn that she had died. I do not have knowledge of the cause of her death,” he said.  But debunking Mr. Uwa’s claims,  Ike who was called from school who in turn was sent to fetch his aunt, Esther said the way he saw his mother arose his suspicion that all was not well with his mother saying, “I came home after a neighbor called me, Mr. Stephen told me that our mother was sick and that I should go and call aunty Esther so that she could take care of her. But I came back I did not see Mr. Stephen again and the other people that brought my mother home. All I saw was that my mother was laid on the bed and wrapped with her wrapper to give an illusion that she was asleep.”  Ik’s testimony was corroborated by Mrs. Esther Okereke who said, “I was the one who reported the matter to to the Police because when I got to my sister’s house she lay lifeless on the bed and the people that brought her home where nowhere to be found. My sister has never complained of stomach pains, what she normally complained of was her legs  because if you see her, she was very huge.

The Lagos State Police Command public relations officer, SP Chike Oti who confirmed the incident said the remains of Mrs. Joy Vincent had been deposited at the Badagry General Hospital’s mortuary for autopsy adding that both the 60 year-old man, the man and tow women who assisted him to bring back home the late Mrs. Joy Vincent had been arrested and transferred to the SCIID for further investigation.


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