CP Edgal wants state of emergency declared on cultism in Lagos

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By Mary BASSEY, Staff  Investigator.

WITH the ceaseless roosting of cultists, surrendering their weapons of destruction and embracing peace, the Commissioner of Police CP Imohimi Edgal has called on the various governments in the state to declare a state of emergency on the menace. He made the call in Badagry  West Local Government Area Thursday, March 15, 2015 at the occasion of willful surrender of weapons by over 130 erstwhile cult members in the community. A visibly elated Edgal who was beaming with smiles from both cheeks in apparently show of inward satisfaction his war against cultism and cult-related activities in the state was achieving, therefore, wants parents  and stakeholders to constantly talk to their wards noting that nothing good comes out criminality. He informed that the fight against cultism and sundry crimes in the state was achieving tremendous headway and therefore, wants all stakeholders including heads of schools to keep adequate documentation of whoever enters and leaves their school premises.

“This is a big problem which is intertwined with drug abuse even to the ridiculous extent of taking it to primary schools and recruiting these children into cultism. I remember the experience at Ikorodu where over 250 boys and girls of cult groups renounced membership and surrendered arms after which I urged other communities to emulate Ikorodu’s bold step.  The command has been able to address this by making strong use of community policing not only with the religious or traditional rulers but also urging local government to youths in their different communities to relinquish cultism.”

Continuing, the CP said, “We therefore, call on the local government s and other relevant bodies concerned to talk to the youths give them training for us to reintegrate them into the society because among these youths today are PhD, B.Sc, HND and more degrees holders from various institutions. It is my fervent thinking that a state of emergency s

CP Edgal and others at the occasion of the wilful surrender of weapons by erstwhile cultists in Badagry

hould be declared on cultism in the state. Both the local government and State Assembly should employ the stick and carrot methods respectively in this fight against cultism in the state.”

Weapons surrendered include AK 47 Riffles, locally made guns cut to size, pump action guns cutlasses, axes etc.

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