Lagos teacher attacked by her housemaid loses eye

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By Mary BASSEY, Staff Investigator

Mrs. Mistura, the woman who was attacked by her house maid, Miss Susan Samson with blended pepper and bottle of schnapps has lost one of her yes after several hours of grueling surgical operation at the University of Lagos Teaching Hospital LASUTH Ikeja, CrimeWorld can authoritatively report. Sources at the hospital whispered into us that the civil servant underwent brain surgery following several deadly blows dealt on her by her distraught housemaid after the victim discovered some rather strange items in her travelling bag. It was gathered that though the surgery which lasted for several hours was successful, the husband identified as Alhaji Sikiru was quoted as saying that even if his wife survives the attack, she may not be herself again.

It was said that the 18 year-old Ogoja, Northern Cross River State born hair dresser was employed barely a month ago by Mrs. Mistura through an unnamed agent to help her with home chores. According to sources, the journey of the civil servant who reportedly taught in one of the public schools in Ejigbo, a densely populated area of Lagos began on Sunday, March 4, 2018 after both master and servant visited a hospital and the master handed over her hand bag to her servant. It was learnt that the teacher later discovered that some undisclosed items had developed wings and flown out of her band and decided to pry into her servant’s bag in the house only to discover to her chagrin that Susan had bought sophisticated female makeup kits and were neatly packed in her travelling bag; fueling speculations that she might have been stealing her boss’s money. “Upon the discovery of this, Mrs. Mistura gave her maidservant some money to go and buy her aboniki balm from a nearby kiosk but while she was away, her madam went into her room, opened her bag and discovered several female items; some of which madam didn’t even have. She quickly put a call to the man that brought her  to come and see what the servant he brought to her had turned to. Immediately Susan came back, madam locked all the exit doors and took custody of the keys awaiting the arrival of the agent. But smelling the rat, Susan made straight to her bad and discovered that there had been some alterations. She quickly came up with a plan to cover up her misdeed; made for the kitchen where she fetched large quantities of blended pepper, mixed it with water and poured it on her hapless madam who was lying on a sofa. While the madam struggled and yelled for help, Susan allegedly grabbed a bottle of schnapps and deal several blows on her madam’s head and the woman passed out,” narrated a neighbor.

But  a visibly penitent looking Susan who had since been transferred to the SCIID Panti, Yaba Lagos told CrimeWorld that she could not tell what came over her to have attacked her boss in a such a cruel manner. Though, she admitted that all she wanted was to cover up her uncovered deed but regretted that she never meant to inflict such severe injuries on her madam adding that the items discovered in her bags were procured for her by her boyfriends which he hoped to send down to her mother in the village. “I don’t really know what came over me. My madam thought I stole her money to but those items so that I can run away; that is not true. I wanted to send those things to my mom in the village. But when she discovered them, I was angry and attacked her. I just hope she survives it so that I can go and beg her for forgiveness.”

Miss Susan Samson at Police custody…

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