You’ve no right to demote Ag CP Edgal, Police tells PSC …says Edgal remains CP Lagos State

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By Ekamma UBA, Senior staff writer

POLICE high authority in Abuja has described the purported demotion of the Commissioner of Police Lagos State Police Command, Ag CP Imohimi Edgal  by the Police Service Commission PSC as the joke of the century saying the Commission lacks such right. It said Ag CP Edgal remains the Commissioner of Police Lagos State. The rumoured demotion of Ag CP Edgal  to DCP Ops Lagos State Police Command had gone viral on the social following a letter signed by the Commission’s Permanent Secretary, Mr. M.F. Istifanus on behalf of the Chairman, Mr. Mike Okiro titled “ Withdrawal of Acting appointment: AP 25095 Imohimi D. Edgal and AP 36665 Aji Ali Janga.”  The letter reads in part: “Our letter with Ref No PS/1924/Vol IX/ dated 22nd August, 2017 conveying AP 25095 Imohimi D. Edgal. The Honourable Chairman’s anticipatory approval for the placement of the above-named officers as Acting Commissioners of Police refers, please. The Commission at its 24th Plenary Meeting of 27th and 28th September, 2017, took a decision not to ratify the anticipatory approval. The Officers are, therefore, reverted to their substantive rank of Deputy Commissioner of Police DCP.” But in a swift reaction, the Police high authority in Abuja distanced itself from such purported demotion affirming that Ag CP Edgal remains the Commissioner of Police Lagos State Police Command. The Force public relations officer CSP Jimoh Moshood in telephone conversation told CrimeWorld weekly newspapers that, “The Police Service Commission PSC has the power to appoint , promote and discipline officers but they don’t have the power to demote. They can only demote an officer after the Force Disciplinary Committee FDC has looked into what the officer has done and then recommend him for discipline. They can only authorize them to authenticate what the Police take to them. In this case acting CP Edgal  has not committed any disciplinary offence and the Force disciplinary committee has not recommended him for reduction . They cannot demote him and they have no such powers. They should not go beyond their powers. Nigeria Police Force can exist without PSC but PSC cannot exist without NPF. We are not aware of the reduction in power and acting CP Lagos state has not be demoted.”

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