Tagbo’s death: Davido’s earlier claim of ignorance worries Police…as autopsy blames suffocation as cause of death

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By Albert UBA

ALTHOUGH an autopsy conducted on late Tago Umueke, one of David Adeleke aka Davido numerous friends indicated asphyxia respiratory paralysis, the Police are discomfited with his earlier claim of ignorance of the cause of death of his bosom friend.  The remains of Tagbo was reportedly found in a car at the front of the General Hospital, Lagos on October 3, 2017, casting a thick cloud of doubt on the cause of death of the young man who friends including his fiancée, Caroline Musa Danjuma had taken to social media pointing accusing fingers on Davido on the ground that prior to Tagbo’s untimely death, he was in the company of Davido and friends. In the thick of the controversy, CrimeWorld weekly newspaper gathered that Davido had earlier informed the Police that he was innocent of any accusation of the death of his late friend adding that he only heard of his death while unwinding at a popular night club on the Island. But a discrete inquest by a team of high powered Police investigators spewed by public outcry suspecting foul play on Tagbo’s death revealed that he was in company of Davido at Sisha Bar in Lekki where we reportedly gulped 40 shots of Tequila adding that a footage obtained at the bar showed a drunken and violent Tagbo who was later driven away from the Bar by some of Davido’s friends including his escort driver to an unknown destination.  However, giving a blow by blow account of the probable incident that preceded the death of Tagbo Umueke, the Commissioner of Police Lagos State Police Command, Ag CP Imohimi Edgal while briefing newsmen said the report of autopsy, the confessional statements of Davido’s friends and the footage obtained did not add up with an earlier claim of ignorance by Davido; prompting his (Davido’s) second invitation and another round of interrogation by Police investigators.  According to CP Edgal, “At about 9.20am on  October 3, 2017, the Chief Security Officer of Lagos Island General Hospital alerted the Divisional Police Officer in charge of Lion Building, that an unidentified male was brought in dead in an ash coloured Toyota Camry car with plate number LSD 738 EL. The victim was alleged to have been brought in by two unidentified males. The DPO rushed to the scene  and identified the victim as Tagbo Umeke, from the international passport found in the car. Shortly after, one Caroline Danjuma , an actress and the victim’s fiancée published on her Instagram page that her boyfriend died in the company of some friends among who was Davido. In my usual style of fact findings I called for a meeting with family of deceased, Davido’s family, Davido, Coroline Danjuma, including the DPO Lion building and the investigative team. The DPO Lion Building and a team of Investigating Police Officers were also present at the meeting and the outcome of the meeting confirmed that the deceased Tagbo Umueke on the date in question met and had drinks with friends at Sisha Bar Lekki among whom was Davido. The Bar tender who served them drinks confirmed that Tagbo had as much as 40 shots of Tequila and exhibited clear signs of drunkenness. The CCTV footage which I called for also showed that the deceased was quarrelsome and even violent. In that same meeting, Davido confirmed that he left Sisha Bar without the deceased for a night club known as DNA in Victoria Island. He stated that he was only informed by some mutual friends of the death of Tagbo at the club. However, investigation conducted into this matter has clearly revealed the following: That one Tunde Yusuf, male, a driver and the driver of Davido’s Escort white Toyota Hilux vehicle accompanied by one Agbaje Olaoye and Idris Busari, both Davido’s friends took the deceased to General Hospital in Lagos Island and abandoned him in his vehicle on the instruction of Davido. That the CCTV footage at the General Hospital, Lagos picked the white Hilux vehicle and of course, captured the entire activities. That the vehicle was subsequently recovered at Davido’s resident at No 7, Awosika Street Lekki phase 1. This new revelations, completely debunks Davido’s claims that he did not know how the deceased got to the General Hospital; Lagos. For this reason, I have instructed the DPO Lion Building to again invite Davido for more questioning in line with this new development.  It is our intention, to know those who took the deceased to the General Hospital, dumped him there and fled the area without reporting to the hospital authority or the Police.  That calls for questioning and as I speak to you, Davido has been invited and he is with the DPO Lion Building and the investigating team undergoing intense interrogation. Autopsy has been conducted and the preliminary report confirmed that the victim died of asphyxia; which in a layman’s terms means suffocation. At the end of this fresh round of investigation, I will again let Lagosians know of our findings.”

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