Rookie robber surrenders to God in Police cell…I’ll never go back to crime if pardoned, he pledges

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By Ekamma UBA, Senior staff writer

ORIGINALLY, Adesina Adeyemi trained as a

designer. At 23, he was already making waves, and carving a niche for himself within Maryland in Ikeja and environs. Having lost his mother at a tender age, his grandmother took charge of his upbringing. A graduate of Anthony Model College Ajao Estate, Maryland, Adesina never dreamt of taking to criminality until his bosom friend who he simply identified as Chibuzor sold the idea to him. He nonetheless, gave in to the idea having been convinced that he could raise more money through robbery withal his fashion designing. As a totally inexperienced first time criminal, Adesina didn’t object the idea to carry out his first robbery operation in a building beside his; not minding that if the operation hit brick wall, he could be identified. And as expected, the operation turned out to be unsuccessful as nothing was found in the apartment they entered. But when the young girl they met in the house raised an alarm for help, Chibuzor melted into thin air while a rookie Adesina simply jumped into his compound and down his robbery tool. Unfortunately, he had been sighted by an Huasa security Guard who upon interrogation confessed that they went to rob in the next building. The rest is now history as the Police is saying that only the court can absolve Adesina of the crime.

Speaking to CrimeWorld weekly newspaper amid tears, a visibly penitent Adesina said he had no reason to go into crime because he was given the best of moral education as a child; vowing that

if he is left off the hook, he would serve God all the rest of his life and would never go into crimes again. “I do not know why I followed Chibuzor to go and rob in a build adjacent my own house. I am a fashion designer and I am making the little money enough for me. I have never thought of crime one day until Chibuzor came convincing me that we could make quick money through it with which I could establish a big fashion designing outlet. I gave to his idea because he is my very good friend,” he said; adding “When we got into the apartment, we met a young girl and we threatened her but instead she started screaming for help. Undeterred, we pick an ipad phone and escaped. I did not know how Chibuzore left the building but I simply jumped into my compound not knowing that the Mallam Guard had seen me. When he came and said what happened that I had to jump, I simply told him that my friend Chibuzor took me to rob in the next building. It was him that called the Police who came to arrest me. I feel bad about the whole thing but I have been talking to God to forgive me with a vow that if I am pardoned, I will never go to crime again all  the rest of my life.” However, the Police through its public relations officer ASP Olarinde Famous-Cole said the matter would be carefully investigated adding that if Adesina is found culpable, he would be charge to court for prosecution.

Adesina in hood holding an axe
Adesina un-hooded during parade at the Police Headquarters Ikeja

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