Hector, GUS winner’s murder latest: It was robbery gone awry, confesses principal suspect..says Hector’s phone gave him out

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By Ekamma UBA, Senior staff writer

THE arrest recently of one Ismaila Adeyemi, the principal suspect in the dastardly murder of the 2006 Gulder Ultimate Search winner, Hector Jobatec, has brought to rest, insinuation in various corners that the half-caste was a victim of assassination.  Adeyemi, 39, Police sources said, was arrested in his criminal hideout after an intensive manhunt having arrested two suspects much earlier. Hector was shot dead in his new Oko-Oba Agege resident sometime in August 2017 by an armed gang that has turned out to be dare-devil armed robbers. Confessing to the crime during parade at the Police Command Headquarters Ikeja, Adeyemi informed that is gang members were contracted by an unnamed woman of Igbo extraction that ‘somebody big’ was arriving the country from America with huge sums of hard currencies hence they waited for his arrival a gas filling station close to the airport. He confessed that when they eventually identified the vehicle according to the information handed over to them by the lady, they tailed the occupants to a building on new Oke-Oba, Agege area of the state where they carried out the operation. He informed further that Hector was a victim of circumstance adding that an old man who later turned out to be Hector’s father had confronted them upon finding their way into their flat mistaking them for Police detectives adding that he was fired on the shoulder. According to the Osun State born suspected armed robber, the gunshot attracted the GUS winner and his brother to run out addressing them as Police detectives and wanting to know why they fired their father but their action was misconstrued by another member of the gang simply identified as ‘KK’ who fired Hector pointblank. “We were four in number that carried out the operation. KK led the gang. He did not tell me where we were going. He only spoke with Nonso a member of my gang in Ibadan who introduced me to him. I was the only Yoruba man among the gang that was made up of Igbos. We parked our operational vehicle at a filling station close to the street we were going to operate. Later, a black complexioned lady came and spoke with Keke in Igbo dialect. She stayed with us for a while before leaving.  Few minutes later, she called KK on the phone to inform him that the vehicle in which our target was, was approaching. After the call the car drove passed us into the street and we followed it closely. But we later lost sight of it before we could turn. KK approached a woman on the street and demanded to know the exact compound the car drove into; having lied that the vehicle in question broke our side mirror and sped off.
The woman pointed down the street and KK took time to check each compound until he saw the vehicle inside one of the compound. He approached a lady in the compound and requested for the exact apartment  of owner of  the vehicle.  The lady only pointed upstairs but refused to go with KK. At that point, he pointed a gun at her and ordered her to lead him upstairs. When he got there, he called two of us to join him. But when I went upstairs , I discovered he had shot an old man for refusing to cooperate with him.”
continuing, suspect Adeyemi said, “At that point, a young man rushed out of the room and was coming towards his father and questioning that we had no right to shoot his father; mistaking us to be Policemen detectives but KK thought he was coming for a showdown and in defence, shot him pointblank,  thinking he was the target. Thereafter, we went inside and collected the bags that the Nigerian returnee came with and we left the scene immediately. We drove to a hideout in Ijaye where we opened the bag and discovered it contained just children canvass, flowers, boxers and personal effects. I only got a white phone from the items, which I gave to my brother to sell. He sold it for N7000, out of which I gave him N2000. So far, I got only N5000 from that operation. The intention was never to kill the wrong man. He was mistaken for the target. The plan was to  attack the man that was returning from abroad and shoot him if he puts up any resistance. Even when KK shot the old man, I was quarreling with him and he  almost shot me  in the process.
Apart from participating in the operation that led to the death of the GUS winner, I belong to a robbery gang. But I was introduced to KK whlile working as a labourer somewhere in Apapa, Lagos. We operate sometimes in Lagos but mainly in Ibadan. I brought two guns from Ibadan for this operation. We were all armed on that day but I never fired a shot.. it was Hector’s phone which I was using that gave me out to the Police.”:

But briefing newsmen on the arrest of Ismaila Adeyemi, the Commissioner of Police, Lagos State Police Command, Ag. CP Edgal Imohimi, said the arrest of the suspect followed an intensive manhunt adding, “ Ismail Adeyemi , the principal suspect who pulled the trigger that killed the 2006 GUS winner has been arrested. He confessed to the crime and admitted to other various criminal activities within the state. The suspect led operatives to Sango gasoline , Ijoko where his operational revolver pistol with nine rounds of live ammunition was recovered. The suspect and others earlier arrested will soon be charged to court.”

Hector while alive and dead

.Principal suspect, Adeyemi Ismaila…Hector’s phone gave me out
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