Father from hell! Beats own 7yr-old son to death over alleged N3,000 theft…it’s work of the devil, he says

By Raymond EKPE, South-south Bureau chief

AN irrevocably devil-incarnate father simply identified as Amadi is presently cooling off in the cold cell of the Rivers State Police Command for allegedly beating his 7yr-old son to death over allegation of theft of N3,000. The incident which happened in Amdi-Ama community in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital is still sending cold shivers down the spines of members of the community who are gripped in utter disbelief. An eye witness say the incident took place at about 12.30am when the community had gone to bed. According to the source, the father had woken up the late child whose name could not be immediately ascertained as of the time of filing this report and accused him of stealing N3,000 from his purse. The boy who sources said was still battling with sleep as of the time of the incident had denied the accusation stating that he had no knowledge of his dad keeping such amount of money anywhere in the ouse let alone stole it. Angered by his son’s response; Amadi who by this time was visibly overwhelmed by the devil reportedly descended on the defenseless child and dealt several deadly blows on his ribs against all entreaties from his wife to handle the situation with wisdom.  According to sources, the alrm for help raised by the mother of the child could not deter Amadi who angrily lifted his child up, slammed him on the floor and continued the pummeling until the boy became motionless. Apparently aware that the unexpected had happened, Amadi was said to have bent over his son, lifted him up passionately, placed him on his lap and started cuddling him to give an illusion that he didn’t mean to hurt him. But before the few neighbours who responded to the alarm from his wife could arrive their apartment, the child had given up the ghost. The Police was promptly alerted and he was whisked to the station for interrogation. At the station, a visibly penitent Amadi who broke down in tears said he could not say what came over him as to beat his son to death. “I think a strange being entered into me, this is not me. How can I beat my son to death for whatever reason? No, no this is the devil’s work.” He wept. Contacted, the State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Nnamdi Omoni confirmed the incident and said that the father of the deceased was in their custody. SUPOL Omoni who would not speak further “because the matter is still fresh and under investigation” simply added, “Yes, it happened in AMADI-Ama in Port Harcourt. I think there was a misunderstanding between the boy and his father before the man began to beat his son until he (the son) died.”

Picture of the murdered boy while he was a baby, his mother and killer father at the Police station

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