Pastor converts Church to baby-making factory in Aba…sleeps with the maidens in turns as Police rescue two weeks premature baby, 5 pregnant teenagers

POLICE detectives attached to Aria-Aria Divisional headquarters Aba, Abia State have uncovered a church building which served the dual purpose of preaching the Good news and a baby factory. Police sources said five young girls at various stages of pregnancy were rescued during a raid on the Church building located on 252 Faulks Road Aba adding that the Pastor of the unnamed Church, Christopher Tochukwu Adebanya had been arrested.  Commissioner of Police CP Leye Oyebade in a chat with CrimeWorld weekly newspaper said the Police acted on a tip off that a particular man and his wife had camped some young girls in their Church for the purpose of breading babies and selling them to ready buyers. The Police boss added that some of the teenage girls had confessed that the pastor of the Church sleeps with them at will stressing that the Pastor’s wife who is presently on the run was in the habit of selling their babies moments after delivery without remitting the proceeds to them. According to CP Oyebade,  “On May 24, 2017 at about 12 00hrs, information was received that a storey building located on N0. 252 Faulks Road Aba, which doubles as a church and medical center was converted to baby factory. Based on this information, a team of Policemen attached to Aria-Aria Division led by the DPO stormed the premises where five pregnant young girls were rescued and one Christopher Adebanya Tochukwu, the Pastor of the Church and the operator of the clinic who earlier fled the scene was arrested. Upon interrogation, one of the pregnant young girls alleged that she was raped by the so-called Pastor that morning while another alleged that the Pastor attempted to rape her in turn if not that she threatened him with a broken piece of glass which she used in self-defense. However, another girl claimed that her two months old baby delivered therein was forcefully taken away from her by the Pastor’s wife (now at large) and sold to an unknown person. A two week old premature baby girl rescued at the scene had been to motherless baby’s home for care and custody. Investigation is in progress.”

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