Politicians won’t make heaven, says robbery suspect…They promise you Heaven on earth but abandon you shortly afterward

By Robert AKPAN

ONE of the suspected political thugs and a notorious member of a cult group who the Police say was being held for armed robbery and who vehemently declined his real names but simply said he was popularly called ‘One Bullet’ is openly laying a curse on politicians across the country whom he says would not make Heaven. An intrepid but penitent looking suspect who claims he is from Edo State believed his arrest followed his activities as a political thug which made him join a cult group.

Sources said the suspect who has been on the Police wanted list, especially, the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS in Lagos and Anambra States for various crimes committed across the country informed that most Policemen were his personal friends adding that they were on his pay roll. Until his recent arrest by SARS operatives in a popular hotel in Oshodi Lagos, where he had gone to enjoy his loot with a popular fuji music star (name withheld), ‘One Bullet’ had to himself fleet of pretty ladies and 3 bouncers as body guards. But his misgivings about politicians stemmed from the fact that after being used to achieve their political goals, they soon abandoned them to their fate. He further explained that since they were armed by politicians to cause rift and rig elections results to their advantage but later abandoned, they had to divest and used the same arms to better their lot through acts of criminality. According to him, “I do not even know why I am here because honestly if there is anybody that the Police should be arresting, it is the politicians. They are crooks and wicked. They would lure you into crime, promise all and all just to get what they want but immediately they get it, you are like a dunghill. They are the ones that bought us arms and ammunition to rig elections result to their favour’ sometimes we travel from here to Calabar, Anambra, Enugu any where they want to capture, they will take us there and lodge us in an expensive hotel just to do their biddings. So if they no longer care for us what do you want us to do with the arms and ammunition in our possession when we are hungry? That is why I keep telling anybody that cares to listen that politicians will never make heaven, I swear.” Continuing, ‘One Bullet’ said, “I won’t deny that I am cultist I have also use my arms to rob people but I don’t regret it because we are in a corrupt society. Since I was arrested, two of the politicians who probably have conscience had sent people to bring me money but is that enough? Look at me here on the ground talking to press men, me that had body guards…(weeps). In Edo State, we caused mayhem in some areas during the last election and did all the nonsense just to favour our sponsors, now nko, no bi  me dey for ground so and them dey for them office dey enjoy?”  The suspect further revealed that their membership spread across the country stressing that in Agege alone, they have about 2,000 members while Lagos Island (Isale Eko) is the cult group headquarters. According to him the only way to stop cultism is for the federal and state governments to provide job for the teeming unemployed youths across the country.

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