IGP presses for special court to try kidnappers…says over 1000 kidnappers in Police custody

By Albert UBA

INSPECTOR-General of Police IGP Ibrahim Idris has said that he was entreating on the federal government for a special court to facilitate speedy trial of suspected kidnappers currently in their custody nationwide. The Police boss who was in Lagos recently on a two day working visit dropped this while fielding questions from newsmen on the need to bring policing much closer to the people, tackle the issue of kidnapping and sundry crimes and bring suspects to justice. He said “Honestly we are working towards that, and if you remember while I was addressing my officers and men at the Police College today, I told them that we are building more Area Commands to bring us closer to the people and we are building more Police Mobile Squadron Units in various parts of the country for taking care of violent crimes and we believe with the support of the National Assembly for passing the Police Trust Fund Bill, (sic), the Police will be well positioned to tackle whatever challenges we are going to have any time in the country.  Continuing, IGP Idris said, “Honestly like I suggested at various fora, what we need to address in this issue of kidnapping is to have a change in legislation, probably creating a special court for kidnapping; that is number one. Two, limiting the period of trial for suspects, it should be shortened so that within one or two months the accused persons are sentenced because I believe with those changes, things would take their normal shape. As I speak now, we have over 1000 kidnappers in Police stations nationwide; so if we can have this innovation attached to the issue of kidnapping, I believe kidnapping is coming to an end very soon”  On the recurring menace of kidnappers along the Abuja-Kaduna highways, the IGP said the issue was being seriously addressed with a view to restoring confidence on travelers along the routes. He said, “Of course we have addressed the issue and even at the Police College today, we discussed the issue of kidnapping and if you had listened to news you would have noticed that since we deployed operation ‘absolute sanity’ to the area, we have paraded at least 50 kidnappers within one weeks and today, we paraded about 40 kidnappers again from that area; that is to tell you that we are not joking with the issue.”

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