I sleep with pigs for spiritual power says millionaire robber…Made #100m, built mansions in 4 states before arrest

By Robert AKPAN, Senior Reporter

 A self- acclaimed 300 level undergraduate student of the University of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nyi Adegbeja has said that any time he was going for  an armed robbery operation; he would have sexual intercourse with 7 live pigs with a view to activating his spiritual powers and outwit Police detectives. The 24-year-old dark complexioned father of eight claimed to be a part time student of business administration of the university. The bruises all over his body suggested that he had been involved in several armed robbery operations prior to his recent arrest in a hotel by men of SARS attached to Lagos State Police Command, Ikeja. He confessed to have been initiated into a 25-man armed robbery gang by one Titus Orogbo who had long been gunned down by the Police in Benin City, the Edo State capital during a fierce gun battle.  The visibly proud millionaire armed robber claimed that he has been able to make over #100m and built about 8 mansions in Benin City and Ilorin from the proceeds of robbery adding however, he was forbidden to sleep in any of his houses.

On how he got into crime, Niyi explained that he started stealing piece of meat and fish from his mother’s soup and pilfering his father’s purse as a child. “ As a child, I was stealing piece of meat and fish from my mother’s pot of soup and stealing my father’s money. Each time my father wanted to beat me my mother would come to my rescue and would shout my father down. Gradually I started stealing my father’s gold wristwatches and selling them at giveaway prices.  As the fifth child in the family, I enjoyed the curdling of my elder brothers and sister who wanted good life for me but it got over my head when I entered the University where I joined a cult group and we soon started traveling to other states at night. It was there I met Titus who initiated me into armed robbery gang.”

For eight years that he robbed before the curtains dropped on him, Niyi said had no regret whatsoever as he had been able to rake in millions of naira from robbery operations and built expensive mansions in the states of Edo and Kwara.  “ I don’t regret my arrest because I am a successful armed robber. My account is heavy and I have houses in Edo and Kwara even though I am forbidden to sleep in them. But I have no regret at all because God blessed me with eight children from my three wives”

Suspect Niyi Adegbeja and his sidekicks were rounded up in an unnamed hotel in Lagos after a successful robbery operation in Kwara State. Sources hinted that after the robbery they had moved into a Lagos hotel to share the loot but soon disagreed on a sharing formula.  While they argued and threatened to shoot the owner of the hotel, retired military personnel got wind of the shouting match and quickly called in the Police who had them arrested.

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