Captured! Wanted Deputy Slaughter of Eiye cult, 6 others arrested in Lagos …We do not drink human blood, but we pluck out enemies’ eyes when irked, he says \

By Ekamma UBA, Senior staff writer

IN its avowal to sweep Lagos State of all manner of crimes and criminality, the Lagos State Command of the Nigeria Police Force has continued to raid every nook and crannies of the state, especially, criminal hideouts. The onslaught on criminals paid off recently with the arrest of the most wanted deputy capon and six other members of the dreaded Eiye confraternity aka N.F.N.F. The suspect who admitted being the second-in-command of Lagos Unit of Eiye confraternity gave his name as Aroba Jamiu saying however, that he was forced into the group about ten years ago against his will. He said the Police arrested him somewhere in Obalende, a near slum area of Lagos State shortly after an initiation ceremony where new members were admitted into the fold. According to him, he had come out of an unnamed three star hotel where the initiation ceremonies took place to buy something when he saw people running in diverse directions not knowing that it was Police detectives that were on a random raid adding, “Since I had no skeleton in my cupboard, I cared less when I saw people running until one of the Policemen grabbed me from behind and I was hauled into their patrol van.” A visibly stark illiterate Jamiu who spoke in Yoruba language said he originally trained as a welder but got forced into the fold one day after a friend invited him for a drink which turned out to be an initiation into Eiye frats. “I did not go to school, I am a trained welder but one day my friends invited me for a drink, when we got there somebody seized me, I was blindfolded and different people started beating me. I didn’t know what was going on.  At the end of the beating, they opened my eyes and said I had become a member of the confraternity. I had thought membership of the group was an exclusive preserve of the academics; those who went to Universities and Polytechnics but I was shocked that I was made a member not minding my status.”  Debunking general belief that the group drinks human blood, Jamiu said “It is a lie, we don’t drink human blood. It is more of social organization but the difference is that we can be bloody if our enemies knowingly step on our toes…we pluck the person’s eyes just like the hawk do to its prey.”

But briefing newsmen after parade of the cultists and other suspected criminals including another vile group popularly call Badoo, the Commissioner of Police Fatai Owoseni said the suspected cultists were picked up in Agbowa and Obalende areas of the state adding that various dangerous weapons ranging from UTC knife, axe and cutlasses were recovered from them. Earlier, the investigating Police Officer IPO who spoke on condition of anonymity informed that Aroba Jamiu had been on the wanted list of the Police after he allegedly murdered an unnamed person about five years ago stressing, “Since that time, we have been looking for him until God brought him into our hands that day while we were on a raid at Obalende. I spotted him in full regalia of his cult group and went after him; they were many but since he was their leader, he probably waited to see who we were so immediately he realized that we were Policemen, he attempted to flee but I threatened that if he tries that he would be dead, that was how he waited and he was arrested.”

The suspect showing off his regalia

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