COVID-19: SCOAN to remain shut pending God’s approval, says TB Joshua…commences virtual healing of patience in foreign isolation centers

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By Alex OLISEH, Investigator Reporter, Lagos.

AS worship centers across the country brace up to resume services following federal government’s recent directives albeit guidelines, Christian faithful worshipping with the Synagogue Church of All Nations SCOAN may have to wait awhile. This is because the founder and Senior Pastor of the church, Prophet TB Joshua has said that he had yet to hear from his God on when to physically re-open his Church. The globally acclaimed man of God in a virtual message to millions of his congregants said, “Good Morning and win today! Following the announcement that church services will resume in Lagos on August 9th, 2020 – that is, this coming Sunday, I wish to commend the authorities for their efforts so far. However, having heard from the authorities, we are now waiting to hear from God. Please be assured that as soon as we hear from God, we will inform you when our services will resume. Emmanuel – God is with us.” The Nigerian Cleric-cum-humanist gave this advice even as sources informed that he has commenced offering virtual prayer for healing of those infected with Covid-19 in an Isolation Centre in Honduras, Central America. Asked why the highly celebrated man of God did not start with patients in his country, the man of God was quoted as saying he had severally requested for such opportunity at the various isolation centers in the country adding that such request had been rebuffed by the various state governments. “A prophet is not without honour except in his home town and among his people,” he was further quoted to have said.  But a video posted to Emmanuel TV’s YouTube Channel showed the renowned cleric praying for bedridden patients hooked up to oxygen tanks and surrounded by hospital staff heavily laden with protective gear in far away Honduras. Stretching forth his hands towards dozens of patients on the multiple screens at the Emmanuel TV Studios in Lagos, Nigeria, in a program tagged Interactive Prayer Session, Pastor Joshua admonished, “Where can we go from God’s presence? Distance is not a barrier because He is Spirit;” declaring in front of several huge screens relaying in real-time the footage from the several wards within the Honduran Isolation Centers. By the power of the Holy Spirit, that affliction, that Covid-19, be flushed out in Jesus name,” he prayed.

It was revealed that during the prayer which was translated simultaneously into Spanish;  several patients began to involuntarily vomit whilst others rose to their feet from their hospital beds, waved their hands joyously and removed the oxygen apparatus fixed to their nose as a sign of “supernatural healing”.

Giving the glory to God, TB Joshua intoned, “Jesus that has freed you will help you to maintain your miracle. Make the Word of God the standard for your life; I declare all of you free from covid-19 in Jesus name.”

In a rather instantaneous testimony, one of the healed Honduran patients, Aracely said, “I sensed the healing and delivering power of God, “I felt my lungs fill up with air… I’m no longer using the oxygen mask,  I couldn’t go to the toilet before but immediately after the prayer, I felt like rushing to the toilet.” Another patient immediately acknowledged; “I passed out a lot of foul substance – that was the power of the prayer. I saw a white light that illuminated me and asked me to remove my oxygen mask. Yet another testifier said in excitement,  “I’m not choking any longer;” with others testifying that their sense of smell and taste had been restored and their strength revitalized following the prayer. Afterwards, representatives of the medical staff at the hospital thanked Joshua for his prayers and support. The video concluded by stressing that the healing powers of God do not foreclose seeking medical attention when ill adding, “This is not to discourage anyone from seeking medical treatment as good Christians are good citizens. If you don’t believe in God with medicine, you cannot believe in God without medicine,” Joshua said.

Recall that the WHO last month, reacted to a video in which a Cameroonian medical doctor was healed of COVID-19 after receiving “interactive prayer” from Joshua’s ministry, acknowledging “spiritual leadership is very important in a time like this”.

Since starting its Interactive Prayer Sessions in which online prayer is offered via video calls, Joshua’s ministry has prayed for Covid-19 patients from around the world, prompting the cleric to recently declare his readiness to freely pray for those in Isolation Centers.  Joshua, who had been absent for seven weeks from Emmanuel TV’s broadcasts, earlier shared a sermon titled ‘Mistakes are correctable’ saying, “We wake up in the morning determined to get it right. Before we know it, we have missed the mark. Making a mistake was not the issue but how we handle it matters. For instance, the issue of Covid-19 is a mistake. However, how we are handling it has led us to where we are today. If you make a mistake, as we all do sometimes, don’t run from God; run to Him. Mistakes actually make Christian life more interesting and more valuable and serve as a means to draw us closer to God. We made the call – and all of us have made the bad call in some areas of our lives because everyone has feet of clay to some extent.”

The revered man of God concluded the sermon by calling on viewers to have a genuine connection with God maintaining, “When we connect with Jesus genuinely by way of a personal relationship, He will walk you through everything you do.”

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