End of road for Ponzi Scheme serial fruadstar, Seye Onigbide who duped Nigerians of N.574 Billion

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By Mary BASSEY, Senior Investigator Reporter, Lagos/

POLICE detectives attached to Area ‘F’ Command Headquarters Ikeja Lagos led by the Area Commander, ACP Soji Akinbayo have arrested one Seye Tosin Onigbide, an alleged Ponzi scheme serial fraudster after he allegedly obtained a whopping sum of N574, 262.01 (Five hundred and seventy-four million, two hundred and sixty-two thousand, one kobo from gullible Nigerian investors with a promise of high interest rates under false pretences. Sources said eagle-eyed undercover Police detectives were already on the trial of other accomplices of the fraudulent scheme whose names were given as Messrs Tijani Ramoni Adeyanju, Adebayo Olumiyiwa and Adewemimo Onigbide. CrimeWorld authoritatively scooped that the prime suspects, Seye Tosin Onigbide who is already cooling his heels in Police custody used prominent Broker Markets in Nigeria and abroad such as IC Market from Australia, JP Market from South Africa, Hotforex in Nigeria and Binary as his partners adding that though he operated from his number 7, Eyiowuawi Street Pedro Shomolu Lagos resident, he nonetheless used No 13 Hughes street Alagomeji Yaba, Lagos on papers as his operational base; simply to bamboozle his victims. “Investigations revealed that he operates under the business name called Blueprint Business Development and Consultancy with paper address of 13, Hughes Street Alogomeji Lagos; meanwhile he operates from his house on 7, Eyiowuawi Street Pedro Shomolu Lagos. Further investigation also revealed that he had collected the stated sum from those investor individuals with a promise of extra-ordinary gains to the victims claiming that the investment was built on lucrative Forex trading, Bitcoin and shares purchases from four international Brokers,” remarked a source.

It also hinted that these fruadstars had successfully duped 354 Nigerians who fell for the ‘high interest yield’ of Onigbide and cohorts whose tricks was to use the money deposited by ‘peter to pay Paul’.

It was told that while being grilled by Police detectives, he claimed to have paid both principal and interest to his unsuspecting investors to the tune of N482, 311, 350.89; leaving an outstanding of N233, 454, 755.76.

As of the time of filing this report, it was not possible to get the reaction of the Lagos State Police public relations officer, DSP Balla Elkana but a source close to his office who confirmed the arrest of the serial fraudstar said, the Police had approached a Lagos High Court for a remand order of the suspect for the next 21 days within which to track down his fleeing cohorts as well as enable it get the nod of the Directorate of the Pubic Persecution DPP to properly arraign the suspect(s)

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