ACP Oliver: Ijaw warlords threaten to blow up oil facilities over IPOB brutal killing of Police officer in Anambra

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By Our Investigator Reporter, Bonny.

APPARENTLY spoiling for a transferred agression over the mindless killing of an Assistant Commissioner of Police ACP Oliver Inioma-Abbey by alleged members of the Independent People of Biafra IPOB, the Ijaw warlords under the auspices of Bonny Freedom Fighters have threatened to cripple the Nation’s oil industry if the Federal Government fails to fish out and bring to book Killers of the officer who was also set ablaze alongside his orderly, an Assistant Superintendent of Police ASP in Anambra State.

In a statement signed and made available to CrimeWorld by the publicity secretary of the association, Charles Hart-Abbey a.k.a Last Don, the freedom fighters who were visibly distraught by the sudden and painful murder of their kinsman said they would soon commence blowing up oil installations across the country if perpetrators of the dastardly act were not brought to face justice in the shortest possible time. The statement reads: “We condemn the killing of ACP Inioma-Abbey in strong terms. It is totally unacceptable and unjustifiable. It is not only barbaric, but also an enormous loss to the Ancient Kingdom of Grand Bonny, the Abbey-Hart Chieftaincy House, and the Nigeria Police Force. The perpetrators must be identified and brought to justice, and receive punishment commensurate with the crime they have committed against another Nigerian. We shall shut down all oil wells in the Niger Delta if this particular death is not probed to a satisfactory conclusion.”

The late ACP Oliver Inioma-Abbey, who has since been buried in his Bonny, Rivers State, country home, was said to have been brutally attacked and killed alongside his men by suspected members of outlawed group, Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) in Oraifite, Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra State, on Monday December 2, 2019. The aggrieved warlords claimed that until the issuing of the statement, it had not received any information from the Federal Government of Nigeria with regards to the reason behind the gruesome murder of ACP Inioma-Abbey. According to them, “We are not unaware that we, as Ijaw people of the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, had made commensurable sacrifices in our quest to keep the Nigeria state as one; even as a lot of our serving officers were killed in a high-profiled conspiracy during this cause. We have not forgotten Major Isaac Adaka Boro and other patriots of the Ijaw extraction who were victims of this disgusting circumstances. Today we are witnessing yet another ploy by the detractors of the Nigerian state to clandestinely eliminate our serving officers and elites for refusing to collaborate with them to destabilize this country by using our serving officers as soft targets since we have vehemently rejected the inglorious Biafra Republic. Imperatively, it behoves on Mr President to look both inwardly and outwardly to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to book as we suspect an internal conspiracy, considering the circumstances that led to ACP Oliver Inioma-Abbey’s death. Where this fails to happen, the consequence that will follow in the entire Niger Delta region will be unimaginable”.

The burnt Police patrol van in which ACP Oliver Inioma-Abbey was killed…

It was not possible to get the reaction of the Anambra State Commissioner of Police, Mr john Abang over the recent threat by the Ijaw warlords on the murder of ACP Oliver Inioma-Abbey as of the time of filing this report as he did not respond to calls put through to his mobile phone line twice on Friday morning. He did not also reply a text message sent to him.

The group had earlier condemned the killing of ACP Inioma-Abbey in a statement issued in December, 2019, during which they asked President Muhammadu Buhari to “issue the necessary orders and commands to all the relevant security services to use their best skills to fish out and bring to justice the perpetrators of this inhuman and primitive act as expeditiously as possible”. They had also advised that “there should be no gatherings in the name of IPOB in the (Bonny) kingdom, as a preventive measure to forestall any further provocations or reasons to instigate violence in our kingdom”, calling on the Rivers State Government to “continue enforce the ban across the state on all IPOB activities”.

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