Christmas sour blues: Lord Choosen parishioner dies atop call girl in marathon sex rump

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By Robert AKPAN, Senior Investigator Reporter, Lagos.

DECEMBER 25, 2019 is a day the Achaenes would obviously not forget in hurry. This is because while the world over was celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ with fanfare, they were mourning the untimely and rather shameful death of their breadwinner, Mr. Hygenus Achaene in a brothel atop a woman of easy virtues.  CrimeWorld authoritatively scooped that the 34 year old parishioner with Lord Choosen Church had braced up for the Christmas celebration with his family in the village and had therefore, invited his younger brother to take his four children (2 boys and 2 girls) and a pregnant wife to the village ahead of his arrival the following day on the ground that it was not too safe for the whole family to travel in the same bus. But unknown to his wife and children, the Izonibe village, Ugwuta Local Government Umuapo-Abasi, Imo State born auto spare parts seller at the popular Ladipo market had other plans to spend a night with one Ms Amaka, his regular resident whore partner at the Graceland brothel located on 21, Moshalashi Street, Ejigbo Lagos.

Sources hinted that tragedy struck midway into the sex bout after Mr. Achaene suddenly became motionless on top his lover girl. Sensing danger, Ms Amaka was reported to have smartly eased him off her and took to her heels abandoning the lifeless Hygenus Achaene.

A source close to Ejigbo Division told us that “When we got the information, our men raced to the Brothel and found the lifeless body of the man in question stark naked on a bed still wearing a pair condom on his manhood; but the woman was nowhere to be found. It was through his GSM handset that we were able to get his full identity and contacted his wife and other members of the family. Surprisingly, the wife sounded unruffled by the news of her husband’s death and simply said na wetin sweet an kill am. Nobi Christian he called himself, wetin him dey do for hotel with ashawo?”

Meanwhile, the owner of the Brothel (names withheld) has been arrested and detained while the Brothel had been put under lock and key pending further notice. It was further told that the Brothel owner had slaughtered a ram on December 24, 2019 with which he celebrated the day preceding Christmas with all his customers including the deceased person and other resident whores.

It was not possible to get the reaction of the DPO of Ejigbo Division; CSP Olabisi Okuwobi on the incident neither was it possible to get the Lagos State Police Command public relations officer, DSP Bala Elkana to speak on it as calls put to his lines rang out. But a source close to his office simply said, “I do not think Oga is aware of the matter yet o, but I will brief him and let him call you back.” However, he had yet to call us or respond to the text message as of the time of filing this report.

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