Yuletide: Newly deployed Ogun CP, Ebrimson, launches ‘operation restore hope’ against criminals

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By Mary BASSEY, Senior Investigator Reporter (who was in Abeokuta)
THE newly deployed Commissioner of Police, Ogun State Police Command, CP Kenneth Ebrimson Tuesday launched what he describes as ‘Operation restore hope’ in the state ahead of the yuletide season. The crime fighting strategy which was launched simultaneously across the entire state sources said, was aimed at sending warning signals to unscrupulous elements in the state who might want to cash in on the yuletide to cause havoc and unrest in the state and environs. The Police boss who is barely one month old in the state had upon assumption of duty read the riot act to criminals assuring residents of the state that there would be no hiding place for criminals while he holds sway saying, “We are in Ogun State to fight all manner of crimes and criminality to a standstill; gone are the days when criminals hold innocent members of the public state hostage and operate freely in the state. The Police under my watch in Ogun State shall work round the clock and ensure that the good people of the state do not just sleep with their eyes closed but dream sweet dreams.”

But launching the ‘Operation restore hope’ Tuesday at the Abeokuta Area Command in Oke-Oluwo, the astute crime fighter who cut his teeth in operations and investigation while heading the State Criminal Intelligence Bureau SCIB Ikeja and as Area B Commander Apapa; both in Lagos told CrimeWorld that the import of the crime fighting strategy was “To reclaim the public space from heinous criminal elements that are bent on threatening or breaching the state security and order. We want to ensure that the good people of Ogun State enjoy the yuletide crime and violence-free. You know Christmas is around the corner and these hoodlums would normally want to cash in on the season to launch attack on innocent people, so we are saying no; that would not be allowed to happen as far as I remain the head of the Police in the state.”

The operation which will last for two weeks during which it would be reshuffled CP Ebrimson said would have its membership drawn from the conventional Policemen, PMF, (MOPOL) Anti-kidnapping, Anti-cultism and the dreaded SARS.
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