Kidnappers stage a comeback to South-West, abducts Ondo High Court Judge…demands N50m ransom as IGP deploys IRT Operatives

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By  ’Kanmi AKINAGBE, Investigator Correspondent, Akure.

AFTER an almost two months respite, kidnappers seemed to have staged a comeback to South-West Nigeria with the recent kidnap of a Judge of the Federal High Court Akure, Justice Abdul Dogo.  The learned Justice was said to be returning from a journey to Abuja when he was accosted and abducted to an unknown destination. Already a source said the heavily armed gunmen had contacted relations of the lawyer and demanded N50 million ransoms for his freedom. It was not possible to get the reaction of the Ondo State Command PPRO, DSP Femi Joseph on the update of the kidnap but a source close to the South-West Coordinator of the Inspector-General of Police Intelligence Response Team IGP IRT, CSP Phillip Reininwa said a crack team had already been deployed to the state and environs to unearth perpetrators and bring them to book.

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