Social media, bane to effective policing says IGP Adamu…calls for synergy with media practitioners

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By Emma OBIAMIWE, Senior Investigator Correspondent (who was in Agulu)

INSPECTOR-General of Police IGP M.A. Adamu has identified social media as one of the factors militating against effective policing in the country.  The Police boss hinged his arguments on series of fake news of crime and criminalities that were common place in the social media. He however, called for closer ties between media practitioners and the Police public relations officers adding that the media was an indispensible agent of socio-economic development. IGP Adamu spoke Friday, at the closing ceremony of a 4 day summit organized for PPROs across the country held at Agulu in Anaocha LGA of Anambara State. He said, “Things are o longer the same, technology has changed the terrain, especially in communication, and today we have several means of communication. Social media can make or mar your job. As Police Public Relations Officers, your job is to polish the image of the police, so you must be acquainted with the various means of communication. You do not only have the print and electronic media to contend with but also, social media. Policing is made difficult by social media, so you have to be up and doing all the times.”

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