SHOCKING! Police woman Sergeant ends 14yrs marriage over juju scare

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By Kolade BANWO, Senior Investigator Correspondent, Ibadan.

SHOCK laced with surprise best described the atmosphere at the Mapo Customary Court, Ibadan last Thursday as a serving Police woman of the rank of Sergeant identified as Wuraola Babablola openly told the presiding Magistrate and bewildered litigants that her husband of 14 years simply identified as Oladimeji was not only fetish but planned to use her for money ritual. Her curiosity she claimed was predicated on the premise that Oladimeji uses all manner of charms in and around the house as well as inserts same into her vagina each time he wants to make love to her. According to her, her husband stripes her for sex at any given opportunity adding that one of their children caught her husband in one of the occasions while forcefully having sex with her. She maintained further that she was always turned into a punching bag in any instance she resisted his unquenchable sexual urge and the application of charm into her vagina before intercourse.  “Ány time he achieves erection, he would drag and strip me naked and starts having sex with me; not minding whether our children are around. Aside his reckless sexual exploit, he would also inserts charm inside my vagina for God knows why. All my plates, cooking utensils and every parts of our apartment are surrounded with different kinds of charms. At different occasions, I had caught him chanting my name while burying charms in our bedroom. I have evidence of these in my cell phones even as my first son caught him exhibiting his shameful animal instinct one of the days.

However, the respondent, Mr. Oladimeji was not in court to defend the allegation leveled against him by his wife even as the bailiff told the court that hearing notice had been served on Oladimeji severally at his Oluyole estate Ibadan stressing that he had no reason not to honour the Court’s invitation. Having carefully listened to the petitioner,  the President of the Court, Chief Ademola Odunade wasted no time to dissolve the union on grounds of lack of love and threat to life. He however, granted custody of the three children of the marriage to the petitioner and ordered that Mr. Oladimeji to pay N15,000 monthly upkeep allowance to the petitioner while a copy of the ruling be made available to him.

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