Woman who threw own day old baby into septic tank blames depression for her action

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By Ekamma UBA, Senior Staff Investigator Writer, Lagos.

FACTS emerged yesterday why 28 year old Arabe Basirat threw her still birth baby into a septic tank moments after she was ‘induced’ to that effect.  The bizarre incident which happened Sunday July 29, 2018 on Edidi Street Amukoko, a densely populated community in Lagos sent cold shivers down the spines of residents who throng to the scene to behold the ugly sight. Informed sources said the Kwara State born petty trader took to her heels as soon as she was cleaned up by an auxiliary nurse identified simply as Iya Mana after the forced birth; having dumped the dead baby into a nearby septic tank. An unnamed neighbour who reportedly watched the whole actions from her window unnoticed was said to have alerted other residents who reported the matter at the Amukoko Police Station following which a manhunt was launched against the fleeing killer mother. But speaking exclusively to CrimeWorld shortly before she was transferred to the Homicide section of the SCIID Panti Yaba Lagos, a tearful Basirat blamed frustration-cum-depression for her action. She claimed that she was impregnated by on Sa’aid, a meat hawker but denied the pregnancy from the first day of conception adding that she had tried to terminated the unwanted pregnancy at the early stage without success until she was introduced to Iya Mana who agreed to give her injection that would induce the baby to come out forcefully.

According, “I didn’t mean to kill my baby; it was frustration and depression that forced me to do. My mother gave birth to me so why won’t I give birth to my own babies? My boyfriend, brother Sa’aid who promised me heaven on earth if I can give him a baby denied it the moment I told him that I was pregnant for him. He said the meat business was no longer moving well and therefore, I should find a way to get rid of it. I tried everything at the early stage but it didn’t come out until a friend introduce me to a Iya Mana who assured that she could give me an injection since the pregnancy was seven months old and that it will be a still birth. But since there was nowhere to take a still birth baby to, I had to throw it into a septic tank and quickly lock up my door and flee the area at least for some days before coming back not knowing that somebody had seen me.”

At No 12, Edidi Street where Basirat lived alone in a one bedroom apartment before the incident, neighbours who spoke on condition of anonymity described her as quiet and easy going adding however,  that before the incident she had always been moody and all on her own.  They said, “We are not too surprised that she threw her baby into the septic tank because even though she is a jovial woman, we noticed that she had not been happy as ever since she got pregnant. She became so reserved and no longer goes to hawk bread as before and the man that used to be seen with her stopped coming for some time now. Any time she was outside, she sits alone and looked so emaciated like somebody who is not happy with herself and she would not discuss her plight with anybody. May God forgive her for her action”

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