CSP Okuwobi: Honouring the best with the crest!

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By Ekamma UBA, Senior Staff Investigator Writer, Lagos.

OUT of the Police uniform, one is bound to misconstrue the person of Mrs. Olabisi Oluseyi Okuwobi for a nurse or a care giver of some sort. The reason is not farfetched. This is a peculiar being whose sterling disposition embedded in her meek mien readily betrays emotions; emotions of humility and service to humanity. And inside the Police uniform, the story is not any different. Madam Okuwobi radiates an unimaginable ambience totally non-existing in most woman Police officers; relating to both her senior and junior on equal esteem.  Enlisted into the Nigeria Police Force in 2002 as Cadet Assistant Superintendent of Police ASP, young Bisi perhaps, had one distinct belief about life itself that is organic to her entire behavioural attitude and that is, to use her position to better the lot of whoever crosses her path. Little wonder, her first posting was in the Police public relations unit. Girded in her loincloths to serve as the Police Public Relations officer PPRO Delta State Police Command, purposeful and focused ASP Olabisi excelled in leaps and bounds and soon became the darlings of every Journalist. Her immediate boss now retired, DIG Udom Ekpo Udom, could spare everything to anybody but ASP Bisi; who he sees as a PRO of an inestimable value. It is therefore, not surprising that he went with her as his PRO wherever he was transferred to while in service. A detribalized and selfless lady with rare milk of humanity  whose ideology bothers on fairness-“Do to others what you would others do unto you” this Ijebu-Ode born Police officer is a firm believer in education as a veritable tool to enhancing human development if well applied. Corollary, while her colleagues comforted themselves with just first degree, this graduate of English Language enrolled and got her Masters Degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from the nation’s Premier University. She didn’t stop at that; she is currently running her PhD program in Diaspora and Transnational Studies in the same university of Ibadan.

Before her posting to Oyo State Police Command as PRO where she was ‘inherited’ by several Commissioners of Police for her unrivalled public relations,  Bisi was Divisional Police Officer DPO Otu, Benue State Command and later Police Public Relations Officer of the same Command. She was at one time, the United Nations public information officer, Divisional Crime Officer, Challenge Division in Oyo State and was deployed to Lagos State where she held three positions-in-one  as the Officer-in-Charge O/C, Business Development, Research and Public Relations Officer of the NPF Co-operative Multi-purpose Society. Until her recent elevation to the well deserved rank of Chief Superintendent of Police in June 2018, CSP Okwuobi held sway as the Divisional Crime Officer DCO of Ejigbo Division, a densely populated and highly volatile community in Lagos where she brought her prowess in public relations, human and material management to bare.  It was said that the news of her elevation to the rank of a CSP was received in Ejigbo Division with mixed grill. Whereas many were celebrated with her some junior officer and her Divisional Police Officer had prayed silently that she remained with them as the DCO because of her outstanding traits. But her soaring credentials would not allow that as even as she was said to have empathized with them she craves for a more daunting task ahead in a career she is seemed to bent on carving a niche for herself.  Like a golden fish that has no hiding place in the waters, the multiple award winner’s membership of several national and international organizations was sought for and at the last check, she is a notable member of International Association of Chiefs of Police, National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives, National Association of Black Law Executives, International Association of Women Police and the Nigeria Institute of Public Relations; to mention but a few. She is also a proud recipient of the coveted United Nations Commendation Award of Excellence, Rotary Club of Oyo State Chapter Award for Outstanding performance and the highly prized NUJ Oyo Chapter’s Best PRO, South-west. Her recent promotion to the rank of CSP is a clear testimony that only the best really deserves the crest!

Pix shows L-R: DCP Ops, Mohammed Ari, CSP Bisi Okuwobi and another woman ACP moments after CSP Bisi was decorated with her new rank.

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