Police arrest man, 20 in military uniform parading as Soldier in Lagos

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By Mary BASSEY, Senior Investigator Reporter, Lagos.

POLICE in Lagos have arrest a 20 year old man in full military uniform parading himself as a Soldier. Sources said the suspect who identified himself as Godwin Uche from Abia State had been in the habit of harassing Okada and tricycle operators alike until nemesis finally caught up with him recently. CrimeWorld was told that Uche who attempted to enlist into the Nigerian Army at the last recruitment exercise but was not taken had disappeared from his uncle’s resident on Adebubu Street Ago Palace-way but reappeared recently in military uniform telling his colleagues that he had been enlisted into the Army. However, luck ran against him on June 11, 2018 at Ajao Estate while struggling with an Okada operator over fares.  A senior military officer who was driving past was said to have been attracted by the crowd and upon sighting one in uniform decided to go and mediate. According to sources, Uche could not compliment the senior officer even after identifying himself as such prompting suspicion and further questionings; including where he (Uche) was serving. He was said to have been apprehended and handed over to Policemen at Ajao Division for further interrogation since he could not properly identify himself to the senior officer. At the Station, Uche reportedly confessed to the crime blaming the federal government’s lopsided manner intake of candidates into the military for his action. He said he sew the uniform in Aba so he could pay less fare to Lagos as well as use it to harass Okada operators off their fares.  It was not possible to get the reaction of Lagos State Police mouthpiece CSP Chike Oti as of the time of filing this report but a source close to his office confirmed the arrest adding that Uche had since been transferred to the Federal Anti-Robbery Squad FSARS Ikeja for further interrogation

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