Police arrest man who contracted friend to kill 82 yr-old mum in Anambra State

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By Endy Ndulaka, South-East Senior Investigator, Anambra.

A 52 year old man and his friend Messrs Christopher Okadigbo and Ameke Udolu are presently cooling their heels in the cold cell of the Police in Anambra State for allegedly conspiring together to kill an 82 year old woman who happens to be the mother of  Christopher. The deceased Octogenarian identified as Madam Rosaline Okadigbo CrimeWorld investigation revealed was attacked and overpowered and killed by the duo of Christopher and Ameke in her home and had her eyes and other vital organs gouged out; ostensibly for ritual purpose.  Sources said the arrest of Christopher followed a strong worded petition by the first son of the deceased to the Police Mr. Innocent Okadigbo and agitation by the youths of the community that the murder of his aged mother could not have taken place outside his brother, Christopher’s knowledge and involvement adding that his suspicion arose from a call by his mother of some surreptitious movements by Christopher and his sidekick around his murdered mother’s home.  It was learned that after the murder of the hapless aged woman, Christopher escaped to a nearby native Doctor’s shrine while the youth descended on Ameke and gave him the beating of his life adding that he would have been lynched if the Police were not drafter there. The angry was reported to have stormed the house of the native doctor where they discovered Christopher, pulled him out and also gave him own share of the beating before handing over the Police

Mr. Innocent was quoted as saying that, “My mother called me to say that Christopher came to her apartment with one Ameke Udolu, moving round and making comments that were suspicious. My mother added that she was afraid of staying alone in her house due to the kind of utterance she overheard from the two men. 24 hours after my mother’s call expressing fears, one Pius Aniefule called me that they discovered my mother dead in the pool of her blood.

Mr. Innocent was further quoted as saying, “My suspicion that my brother must have a hand in the murder of our mother is that, he, (Christopher) called me that he was informed that our mother had been murdered in her apartment by yet to be ascertained assailants saying that he was in far away Niger State. Meanwhile this is somebody who had fallen out with me since 1999.

It was not possible to get the reaction of the Anambra State Police Command public relations officer ASP Nkeiruka Nwode but a source close to her officer who confirmed the dastardly act and arrest of the suspects said, “Yes, we have arrested one Christopher and another man called Ameke Udolu in connection with the murder of the elderly woman; but please do not quote me,”

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